Upravit stránku

AGRESS, s.r.o. was set up in 1994.

Main activities:

  • Steel constructions, landings for tubes for wind power stations, silos, pontoons, bunkers, platforms, piping systems, etc.
  • We can produce up to approx. 140 tonnes of heavy steel constructions a month.
  • Capacity for lighter constructions depends on complexity, required work, etc.

We closely cooperate with a number of companies that can provide plans, surface works and other cooperation.



  • 2x bridge crane - capacity up to 6,300 kg
  • Automatic welding system VANAD - (plasma, acetylene - 2200 x 8500 mm)
  • Saws - up to the width of 640 x 450 mm
  • Press brake (up to the width of 3,000 mm and height of 10 mm)
  • Profile scissors - 50 tonnes
  • Metal sheet scissors up to the height of 10mm, sheet width 3,000 mm
  • Bending rolls up to 10 mm, the width 2,000 mm
  • Welding semi-automatic systems MAG, MMA
  • FINTEC 800 chamfering system