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Sale of metallurgical materials

  • Sale of profile leftovers (U, IPE, HEA, HEB, Tube, Jackle, etc.) of various lengths.
  • Sale of surplus metal sheets of various thicknesses.

Please contact us for current offers and prices; we can also supply a certification (2.2; 3.1.B)
Valenta Miroslav - mobile: 777 207 680

Sorting of metallurgical materials


  • Profile max dimensions 640 x 450 mm
90° ±45° ±60°
450 450 350
450 430 310
620x450 430x450 310x400

    Turning of metal plates

    Press HACO

    • max width 3000mm and height 10 mm (price approx. CZK 500/hour)

    Chamfering of metal plates

    FINTEC 800 chamfering system

    • Minimal dimensions of material - 70mm (width) x 100mm (length) x 6mm (thickness)
    • Thickness of chamfered material from 6mm to 40mm, angle from 15° to 50°


    VANAD modern welding system

    • acetylene burner up to the thickness of 200 mm and max dimensions of metal sheets 8500x2200mm (in accordance with EN ISO 9013 IA)
    • air plasma up to the thickness of 15 mm and max dimensions of metal sheets 8500x2200 mm

    Price - according to shape, volume, etc.